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2013 Howl-O-Ween Pet Parade

Come and join us for our 5th Annual Halloween Pet Parade held at our Laurel Mall location in Hazelton, Pa. The parade will start at 2 PM on Sunday October 20th. Registration will start at 1 PM.

Come and masquerade your dog, cat, ferret, guinea pig (whatever) in the cutest, funniest, most original and best costume you can muster up. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes. All participants will receive a “goodie” bag for your furry friend as well as a special discount coupon to be used in The Pet Shop.

Come One Come All. See you there!

Craazy Animal Facts:

Hippo milk is pink
Turtles can breathe through their butts
Puppies are born blind, deaf, and toothless
This is really interesting..You wont believe it!!! Mosquitos have 47 teeth
A crocodile cannot stick out its toungue
A cat can jump 5 times as high as it is tall
Puppies sleep 14 hours per day up to 12 weeks old
Parrots actually “name” their children with a signature call