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Summer Explosion Sale July 16-26 Save up to $200 on Every Puppy

Over 80 breeds to choose from. Come and visit and play. Even bring “Rover” with you. We would love to meet him/her and maybe he would like to meet a new sister or brother as well. We have puppies starting as low as $399. All our puppies come with health, congenital, hereditary, and life warranties. From 2 pound Yorkies to 150 pound Mastiffs, and everything in between.

Happy Summer to you all and all our furries hope to see you soon!

Craazy Animal Facts:

Hippo milk is pink
Turtles can breathe through their butts
Puppies are born blind, deaf, and toothless
This is really interesting..You wont believe it!!! Mosquitos have 47 teeth
A crocodile cannot stick out its toungue
A cat can jump 5 times as high as it is tall
Puppies sleep 14 hours per day up to 12 weeks old
Parrots actually “name” their children with a signature call